FASHIONCOLOR Tech. is a high -tech enterprise based in Nanjing dedicated to providing inkjet printers, printer consumables and advertising consumables cutting solutions for abroad customers.

Welcome to FASHIONCOLOR Technology - Professional printable medical film manufacturer and medical printing solution in China

With the development of new technology, FASHIONCOLOR integrated all technical and capital resources to develop a new kind of PEF film which could replace traditional laser black and white film in medical area, like DR,CR,CT,MRI and etc, which could be used under both inkjet and laser printer, we called it printable medical film...

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Plate making printer - High-precision modified inkjet printer ensures super quality output plates pix pix pix pix Plate making video show, ONLY in FASHIONCOLOR!

About film

FASHIONCOLOR medical film is a kind of PET film in medical standard base materials and environmental protection coating to replace traditional silver sensitive film/ DR, CR, CT, MRI black & white laser film, save both hospital and patients cost.
No environment pollution, avoid traditional developing caused dangerous poison.