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Whole contents were written by Dustin Chan, GM of FASHIONCOLOR submitted on Oct.06, 2016

Dear partner, friend, and visitors,
We, FASHIONCOLOR, as one of inkjet media manufactures in China, with the development of new technology, FASHIONCOLOR integrated all technical and capital resources to develop a new kind of PEF film which could replace traditional laser black and white film in medical area, like DR,CR,CT,MRI and etc.

At first stage of promotion, we sold it as a normal inkjet media product like we did in past, as you may know, we were doing a great job in normal inkjet media products marketing. We have more than 50 buyers from 15 countries. The origin of buyers is evenly spread across the world.

But time goes by, we found there is a different marketing feedback in medical film, or we should say, it's totally different in medical industry compared with our previous jobs, though we just touched tip of the iceberg of whole medical industry.

Internet makes world small, but also makes us loose some basic business way. We always find customer by internet directly but ignore traditional sales channel building, especially in medical area. Medical film was used for patients, but they are not true users with no doubts, the output film they got only from hospital via professional doctors, this is the biggest differences with our initial products.

Problems  come out again, doctors and hospitals, most of them cannot buy or source film directly from internet, from B2B site, and from expo. That's to say, we should respect the sales channel but not break it as we always acted in past.

After discussing with my team and customers, here, we warmly welcome you to join our medical film sales channel to win the future. If you loose the last chance in winning in medical area, but don's miss second chance in medical area.

We are waiting for you!

Dustin CHAN

1. Regions
Now, we mainly open below areas, and we make them into four regions:
A. Asia market:
Key regions were in southeast Asia regions and mid Asia regions,
And we already build a sales channel in South Asia regions, like India, Bangladesh

B. South America market:
Key regions were in Peru, Chile

C. Africa market:
Key regions were in west Africa regions.

D. Europe market:
Key regions were in Eastern Europe regions.

If you were in above regions, please submit your requirements in follow schedule,
and we will come back to you shortly,


02. Types
If you were,
A CLINIC, no need to depend on big hospital, no loose of patients from big hospitals, especially for small dental clinic who we already help them to build a dental x-ray film output solution. Come to join us!
A SMALL HOSPITAL, no need to invest too much money on big equipments, dark rooms, and technical, just got DICOM data, own one printer, output X-ray film in your hospital right now! Come to join us!
A PRIVATE PHYSICIAN, try to image that output your patient's x-ray film only via a small printer by yourself, no wait, no time waste, just make your patient to be a real VIP. Come to join us!
A MEDICAL EQUIPMENT DISTRIBUTOR, a new product comes out. Using your channel to develop a new marketing! Come to join us!


03. Rights and responsibilities
To protect every partners, we will give different rights and responsibilities in different regions to help you win the real market, but not show long story here as an actor.
All contents between us won't be displayed in anywhere or leaked to anyone.

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Plate making printer - High-precision modified inkjet printer ensures super quality output plates pix pix pix pix Plate making video show, ONLY in FASHIONCOLOR!

About film

FASHIONCOLOR medical film is a kind of PET film in medical standard base materials and environmental protection coating to replace traditional silver sensitive film/ DR, CR, CT, MRI black & white laser film, save both hospital and patients cost.
No environment pollution, avoid traditional developing caused dangerous poison.